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If you have additional questions, call 844-TX-VOTES

On May 1, 2021, many municipalities around the state — including city councils, utility districts, school boards, and others — will be having a nonpartisan election. Note: Not all voters will have an election to vote in, as not all political subdivisions have an election in May and not all positions are up for election in a given year. If you aren’t sure if there’s an election in your area, call your county’s election official and they should be able to confirm that for you.



I went to my polling place and they told me I’m not eligible to vote in the election.
It’s possible that there may be no offices on the May 1st ballot that you’re eligible to vote for.

This could be because:

  • Municipalities are able to choose when to have their elections within certain parameters. The Municipal General Election can be held on:
  • First Saturday in May in an even year (e.g. Dallas, San Antonio);
  • First Tuesday in November in an even year (e.g. Austin, El Paso); or
  • First Tuesday in November in an odd year (e.g. Houston, Odessa)
  • When finding out if there is an election you can vote in, it’s important to know that not all positions are up for election. For example, there may be an election in City Council District 1, but not in District 2.

If you’d like to confirm or think you were told you’re not eligible for other reasons, please contact 844-TX-VOTES for additional help.

Where can I vote?
We recommend finding a place to vote a day or two before you plan to go. Polling place information may not be published until closer to the election.

  • County website: Check here first – the county is often still in charge of administering the election, meaning that their website will be the easiest way to find out where you can vote.
  • City website: If your county doesn’t have the information available, they may not be administering the election. Check with your local municipality, usually the City Secretary, to see where there are polling places in your area.

We know it can be tricky to find this information, so please call 844-TX-VOTES if you need help finding where to go vote.


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