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Texas Democratic Party Staff

The staff of the Texas Democratic Party work every day to fight for you and to promote Texas values. Our team recruits candidates, communicates with Texans, and trains activists across Texas.

Don’t be afraid to drop us a note about our work or an idea for our party. Let us know by completing this form.

Hon. Gilberto Hinojosa
Manny Garcia
Executive Director
Cliff Walker
Deputy Executive Director
Ceryta Lockett
Rachael Steyaert
Office Manager
Brittany Switzer
Senior Brand Director
Abhi Rahman
Communications Director
Sheamanti Haque
Digital Strategist
Julien Gomez
Content Strategist
Cristina Gomez
Finance Director
Maddie Cohen
Finance Assistant
Brett Isaacs
Finance & Events Associate
Lauren Pully
Data & Analytics Director
MarcoAntonio Orrantia
VAN Director
Philippa Wood
Training & Programming Director
Nate Levin
Deputy Training Director
Kassandra Aleman
Deputy Organizing Director
Tyler Mitchell
Director of Candidate Services
Hon. Glen Maxey
Legislative Affairs Director
Birk Wilkison
County Services Director
Stuart Williams
West Texas Organizer
Bill Brannon
Senior Advisor
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