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  • Am I eligible to register to vote?
    You are eligible to register to vote if you:

    • Are a United States citizen
    • Will be 18 years old by Election Day (and are at least 17 years and 10 months old when you submit your application)
    • Are not currently incarcerated, on parole, under supervision, or on probation for a felony conviction
    • Have not been declared by a court exercising probate jurisdiction to be either totally mentally incapacitated or partially mentally incapacitated without the right to vote
  • When is the deadline to register to vote for the Democratic Primary Runoff election?
    • Monday, June 15 (assuming the primary runoff election is held on July 14)
  • Can I vote in the Democratic Primary Runoff?
    • We don’t register as Democrats or Republicans in Texas. When you get to your voting site, you simply tell the person checking you in that you’d like a Democratic ballot. You can vote in the Democratic primary runoff election unless you voted a Republican ballot in the March 3rd primary election.
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