September 7, 2020/Media, War Room

What Are The Odds? Cornyn’s Most Likely Dodges on the President’s Degrading Remarks About our Troops

Austin, TX — It’s been four days since the bombshell report from The Atlantic detailed the president’s vile and degrading remarks about military service members, wounded veterans, and Americans who have been killed in action (The Atlantic’s reporting has since been confirmed by Fox News, The Associated Press, and The Washington Post). Vulnerable Senator John Cornyn remains silent.

No matter how hard he tries to run and hide, eventually Cornyn will be forced to answer whether he condemns the president’s comments that our troops are “suckers” and “losers.”

Here’s what the oddsmakers over at the Texas Democratic Party have set as Cornyn’s most likely bootlicking responses:

1/3Cornyn dismisses the thrice-verified report because of “anonymous sources,” as he did after a CIA whistleblower’s report.

3/1 Cornyn will downplay the entire story and claim that it’s not unusual for a man like Trump to say crass things – kind of like he did when defending the administration failing to respond to Russian bounties on US troops.

6/1 Cornyn claims that the president can’t be expected to remember to be respectful of fallen troops each and every day – like he did when claiming Trump simply forgot about his briefings on the Russian bounties.

Texas Democratic Party Cornyn War Room Spokesperson Billy Begala released the following statement:

“At some point, John Cornyn will have to stop hiding from Texans and say if he believes Trump’s comments are disqualifying for the commander in chief. But if history is any guide, Cornyn will continue to stoop to new lows just to remain in good favor with his Washington political allies. That’s why Cornyn is nothing more than a hollow, cowardly D.C. career politician.”