September 14, 2020/Media, War Room

SHOT/CHASER/LIME: Cornyn Failed to Do His Job, Then Tried to Take Credit for Relief Program That Ended Two Weeks Later


Cornyn has been opposed to emergency unemployment insurance for months. He repeatedly called it a “mistake” and vowed that “it’s not going to be reinstated.” Cornyn then allowed emergency relief to run out for Texans on July 25.



Recently, during a call with AARP, Senator John Cornyn did his darndest to take credit for the $300 of expanded unemployment insurance included in the president’s executive order:

“I have worked with the state, as well as the administration to increase additional funding by executive order until Congress acts, which will provide an additional $300 dollars a week in federal benefits.”



Feds end Trump’s plan for additional $300 in unemployment benefits after less than a month

Cornyn was eager to take credit for expanded relief being included in the executive order; will he now shoulder the blame for it ending?

Texans have now been without needed relief for 51 days.

Texas Democratic Party Cornyn War Room Spokesperson Billy Begala released the following statement:

“For months, John Cornyn called emergency unemployment insurance a mistake and vowed it would not be reinstated. But after he failed to extend the program, Cornyn tried to take credit for $300 expanded unemployment insurance included in the president’s executive order. Texans struggling during this crisis know the real John Cornyn — a career politician eager to take credit for things he thinks will help his political career, but nowhere to be seen when there’s work to be done. ”