July 24, 2020/Media, War Room

REMINDER: Cornyn Has Spent Months Calling Expanded Unemployment Insurance a “Mistake”

Austin, TX — As the deadline for extending expanded unemployment insurance looms, Senator Cornyn and his team are in full clean up mode. Just days after one member of his team said he opposes extending unemployment assistance, another one is claiming that Senator Cornyn does support an extension. 


Take it from Cornyn himself — for months he has been calling expanded unemployment a “mistake”:


We actually made a mistake because we actually provided a $600 a week Federal benefit on top of the state’s portion.


We’re going to correct that mistake — this program lasted, I think, through July and then it’s over, so it’s not going to be reinstated.


I would tell you one big glaring mistake we made that we had to act quickly, and when you do anything that fast and that big you’re bound to make a mistake. One of the things we did is we added $600 to the benefit of the state unemployment compensation.


It was a mistake. You know when you’re doing something that big and that fast, that’s one of the risks you take. We knew that we needed to do something quickly because people were out of work and unfortunately that was one of the things that made its way into the bill… It won’t be repeated I guarantee.


We certainly are not going to take up the provision [to extend expanded unemployment insurance] in Speaker Pelosi’s bill that continues that policy, it’s the opposite of what we ought to do.


Texas Democratic Party Cornyn War Room Spokesperson Billy Begala released the following statement:

“This additional $600 per week has been a lifeline for Texans who are out of work because of the coronavirus. As these crucial benefits are set to expire, Cornyn has wasted away this past week. Without these additional benefits, many Texans won’t be able to pay their rent or put food on the table. Cornyn’s complete lack of leadership helped exacerbate the coronavirus crisis, and now he refuses to support this vital assistance to help Texans get through.”