September 2, 2020/Media, War Room

ICYMI: Service Industry Workers Call Out Senator Cornyn for Opposing Vital Expanded UI

Austin, TX — Earlier today, members of the Texas service industry expressed their frustration towards Senator John Cornyn for his continued opposition to $600 expanded unemployment insurance.

Cornyn has called this vital assistance a “mistake” and vowed it would not be reinstated. In fact, earlier today Cornyn said that Congress “overreached” when delivering this lifeline for Texas workers. Expanded UI ran out for out-of-work Texans over a month ago, and Cornyn left DC after failing to secure additional sorely-needed relief for struggling Texans.

In case you missed it:

“Senator Cornyn calling the $600 unemployment boost a mistake signifies that he cannot begin to comprehend the struggles of a true blue collar American. We do not have the option to go in to work, and if given the opportunity to do so, I would do so without hesitation. The $600 unemployment boost was the only security I had in these uncertain times.” 

“Senator Cornyn is supposed to represent the people of Texas, and he has failed to do so. This pandemic should never have been about politics, but unfortunately, here we are… I, like many others, need the unemployment boost to ensure that I can pay my bills and not be evicted from my apartment. Senator Cornyn should support all Texans, not just those that fit his agenda.”

– Paulina Villa, hotel worker from Houston


“We need the $600 back and we need it to be both fully and consistently funded. President Trump’s executive order of $300 was not enough nor would $400 be enough. We will either receive the assistance we so desperately need, or we will be left to starve.”

– Lily Rutledge, restaurant worker from Dallas


“For Senator Cornyn to abandon us in our greatest time of need, to say that our safety and health is not worth $15 an hour is disgraceful. This is the time for Senator Cornyn to be a leader not a coward, to put people before PACs and to do what he swore to do when we elected him and keep us protected.” 

– Crystal Maher, service industry worker from Austin