September 15, 2020/Media, War Room

FACT CHECK: Cornyn’s Horrible Record on Rural Broadband

Austin, TX — Vulnerable incumbent Senator John Cornyn is desperately trying to muddy the waters around his abysmal record on expanding broadband access for rural Texans. But here are the facts: 

For years, Cornyn voted against legislation that would have provided greater broadband access for rural communities.



  • 2019: Cornyn voted against an appropriations bill that included $635 million for rural broadband.


  • 2013: Cornyn voted against a pilot program to expand rural broadband and against the 2013 farm bill that increased the standard of rural broadband, which lined up with the Koch brothers’ opposition to the bills.

  • 2012: Cornyn voted to restrict the Department of Agriculture’s ability to fund rural broadband grants.



Texas Democratic Party Cornyn War Room Spokesperson Billy Begala released the following statement:

“Rural Texans have been experiencing a broadband access crisis for years that has only gotten worse during the pandemic. Nothing John Cornyn says will change the fact he has spent years voting against expanded broadband access that would have helped rural Texans. What is most telling is that Cornyn refused to support legislation expanding broadband access until he was lobbied by his corporate donors. Clearly Cornyn is willing to work for  the special interests funding his campaign, but not Texas families.”