September 8, 2020/Media, War Room

Cornyn is Back in D.C.; His Priorities Remain Washington Special Interests, Not Texans

Austin, TX — Vulnerable incumbent Senator John Cornyn has returned to Washington after taking a month-long recess without passing badly-needed COVID-19 relief legislation.

As he returns to D.C., it’s worth remembering: 

Cornyn’s priorities remain helping his Washington special interest allies at the expense of struggling Texans.

  • Cornyn repeatedly called expanded unemployment benefits a “mistake” and vowed they will not be reinstated.

  • Cornyn is pushing a “vicious” liability shield for corporations, which could allow them to force workers into unsafe conditions without fear of a lawsuit.

  • Cornyn’s corporate liability shield helped derail COVID relief talks.

  • Cornyn’s failed DC response to coronavirus has exacerbated this crisis in Texas:
    • Cornyn said dealing with COVID-19 would be a “piece of cake.”
    • Cornyn repeatedly dismissed the need for widespread testing.
    • Cornyn undermined public health officials and pushed for Texas to reopen prematurely.
    • Cornyn spread misinformation about children’s ability to contract and spread coronavirus in an attempt to justify forcing schools to reopen too soon.

Texas Democratic Party Cornyn War Room Spokesperson Billy Begala released the following statement:

“As Cornyn finally returns to work after his extended hiatus, it’s worth remembering who exactly he is working for. For 18 years Cornyn has chosen to help D.C. special interests and his corporate PAC donors at the expense of Texans struggling to make ends meet — and not even a pandemic-fueled recession has caused Cornyn to reexamine his priorities.”