June 24, 2020/Media, Press, War Room

BREAKING: As Texas Coronavirus Cases Continue to Spike, Cornyn Claims Texans are in a “Better Situation”

Austin, TX ⁠— Texas is in the midst of a massive spike in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations, but according to Sen. John Cornyn, “compared to where we were, we’re in a much better situation”.

A Better Situation?

Sen. Cornyn is downright wrong:

In the midst of this spike, it was reported that the Trump administration will be ending federal funding for COVID-19 testing sites in Texas along with four other states.

Following his blatantly incorrect statement about Texas being in a “better situation,” Sen. Cornyn went on to downplay the recent spike in cases, saying, “it’s younger people who are getting the virus, people who are getting tested but may be not actually experiencing any symptoms.”

Rapidly increasing numbers of Texans are getting sick and dying of coronavirus — while John Cornyn continues to assure you nothing is wrong.

Texas Democratic Party Cornyn War Room Spokesperson Billy Begala issued the following statement:

“The coronavirus pandemic in Texas is worse now than it ever has been. Thousands of Texans are getting the virus, ICU beds in hospitals across the state are filling up, and Texans are dying at an unacceptable rate. Yet, from John Cornyn’s point of view from DC, Texas is doing just fine.

“Cornyn is so blind to the reality of everyday Texans that he thinks we’re better than ever as the state continues to spiral into crisis. Texans need real leadership now more than ever. Come November, they’ll have the opportunity to vote for a Senator who will actually fight for their best interests and kick out Cornyn.”