October 23, 2020/Media, Press

The Story Coming Out of Last Night’s Debate, the Rising Coronavirus Cases in Texas

Austin, Texas — One of the most jarring things that Donald Trump lied about last night was that coronavirus cases were “falling” in Texas.

The complete opposite is true: coronavirus cases are rising and our unemployment rate under Donald Trump and Greg Abbott has reached a massive 8.9%.



This is failed Republican leadership on display. Texans are worried about whether they will get sick, put food on the table, or even die.
Texas deserves so much more.
Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“The story coming out of last night is Trump lying about the coronavirus crisis. The crisis is getting worse every day under Republican leadership at the federal and state levels who refuse to listen to doctors or scientists. Our unemployment rate is at a staggering 8.9%. Every day, Texans are getting sick. Every day, Texans are forced to say goodbye to their loved ones because Donald Trump and Greg Abbott failed to respond to COVID-19 pandemic again and again and again.

“However, we can change the trajectory of our nation’s future. We can protect our children, our seniors, and our most vulnerable. We can bring back American jobs when we reduce the spread of the virus. We can do all this by voting early and voting for Democrats who know to get back to normal, we need to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Go vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and Texas Democrats up and down the ballot.”