January 12, 2021/Media, Press

Texas Democrats Host Virtual Press Conference On Trump’s Failures for our Border Communities, Danger to America, and Broken Promises for Texans

Austin, TX — Today, ahead of Donald Trump’s scheduled visit to Texas, Texas Democrats and Texans at the border hosted a zoom press conference assailing his failures at the border, danger to America, and broken promises for all Texans and Americans.


To view the full zoom press conference, click here.


Congressman Vicente Gonzalez said the following:

“After the death, destruction and division perpetrated by the President, he continues down this path. He proved it after the assault on our democracy and US Capitol that was incited by his own words. Now he is coming to our border to try to give a better last imagine to his presidency, he is trying to appease his base, and this is happening as the deaths related to COVID-19 have not slowed down for our border communities. In our communities of color, in the Latino community, and in the Rio Grande Valley we have lost 2.5 to 3 times more people than the rest of the state. What we need now more than ever is real leadership. What we need is more COVID-19 vaccines, we need more healthcare personnel. Our hospitals are once again at full capacity and what is the President doing, he’s out doing photo ops with the Border Patrol to try and entice his base to once again commit acts of violence. Tyranny will not win in America.”

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa said the following:

“Donald Trump is in the Rio Grande Valley today to highlight probably his signature achievement as President of the United States, which is dividing America. Rather than coming to our beautiful Rio Grande Valley communities to help us with the most difficult crisis, we have ever faced in the history of South Texas. Rather than coming here to announce we are going to get thousands of more vaccines for the people of South Texas. Rather than having empathy for the people of South Texas who are suffering from this COVID-19 virus like no other section of the United States, he comes to South Texas to brag about a border wall that no one wants. Rather than announcing major infrastructure projects, like helping construct an interstate highway through the Rio Grande Valley, the largest community in the United States without a major interstate highway, he comes here to announce the construction of a border wall that even experts will tell you doesn’t work. He comes down here to announce the wall that is disrupting the lives of people living along the border. This is something we have come to expect from this man, who has no heart and no conscience, who had the audacity to incite a riot on the citadel of liberty for this world, the United States Capitol. We need a president like Joe Biden, who will start rebuilding America and bringing Americans back together again.”

No Border Wall Coalition’s Executive Director Tricia Cortez said the following:

“We need to connect the dots between the violence we saw in Washington DC last week and the border wall. President Trump could’ve gone anywhere after this stunning event that took place at the US Capitol last and he chose to come here. He chose to come to the border and the border wall because that wall is used to whip up his violent base. The wall is a national disaster and it is what stokes this racially motivated violence. We have so many other needs as a region. For example, here in Laredo, the federal government has issued four contracts totaling more than a billion dollars to destroy 71 miles of riverfront property in our community. We did the math and the cost of one mile of border wall would pay for 369,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. We are holding President-elect Joe Biden to issue an immediate moratorium to stop work on the wall and reverse land seizures moving forward.”

Eagle Pass/Border Homeowner Alex Flores said the following:

“I moved back to Eagle Pass a few years ago to work on a documentary about providing representation for our border community.  I think a lot of the problems we see are because we don’t see ourselves reflected in the media and in pop culture. Right now in our community we are not just facing a health crisis, we are facing an economic crisis. Because the border is close, our city has lost over 50% of our income because of Mexican nationals are being closed off from our communities. Our businesses are shutting down. Instead of seeing help from the government, instead of seeing investment back into our communities and our businesses, we are seeing a hateful art project in our backyards and this all happening without our communities consent.”

Eagle Pass/Border Homeowner Robbie Flores said the following:

“Donald Trump started his run for office by insulting our border communities and using us as political pawns to stoke fear into the country. He used this narrative to instill hate in our country and to direct hate and essentially violence towards us. Fear has been used so much to make these types of political decisions without border communities’ involvement. This is a very poor attempt at an art installation by the federal government and serves as a symbol that is anti-American, it’s like the anti-American Statue of Liberty.”