April 3, 2019/Media

RELEASE: Texas Democratic Party on Educator Pay Raise Amendment

Texas Democratic Party on Educator Pay Raise Amendment


Across-the-Board Educator Pay Raise Amendment by Texas House Democratic Caucus Chair Chris Turner Approved by Texas House of Representatives


Austin, TX — Today, the Texas House of Representatives voted on House Democratic Caucus Chair Chris Turner’s educator pay raise amendment, an amendment that promises to raise teacher, faculty, and support staff pay in the state of Texas.


Highlights of this amendment include:


  • Every full-time school employee gets a raise – every teacher, nurse, counselor, educational aide, custodial worker.


  • Based on the numbers in House Bill 3 and in the state budget, the amendment guarantees that $2.4 billion dollars will go toward a pay raise for every teacher and support staff in the state.

  • The amendment calls for 25% of any increase in the Basic Allotment — whether in House Bill 3 or in any future legislative session — be specifically dedicated and set aside for these pay raises.

This is just the beginning: This amendment guarantees that there is a floor for an increase and demonstrates that the Texas Legislature must remain committed to raising the salaries for all teachers and support staff.

To view the amendment, click here:

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa Issued the Following Statement:


“Texas Democrats delivered on our campaign promise and passed raises for every full-time school employee.


“Achieving student success requires an unwavering state commitment to provide every Texan a quality education from pre-K through college or career programs. To get the best teachers and school staff, we have to respect, compensate, and support them as the highly-trained professionals they are.


“We’re proud to invest in our values and our schools.”