July 23, 2019/Media, Press, War Room

ICYMI: Weak John Cornyn Drawing Strong Challengers for Senate Seat

Austin, TX — In the span of three days, multiple Democratic candidates have entered the race for Senate, adding onto the strong candidates already vying to unseat John Cornyn.

Why would all of these candidates enter this race?

All of these candidates see one thing in common: Texas Democrats are on the rise and John Cornyn is weak and vulnerable.

Take a look at the polling:

  • A Texas Tribune Poll released in June shows Cornyn with a dismal  37% approval rating and 34% disapproval rating. 

    • That’s worse than Ted Cruz, who polls 10 points higher than Cornyn at 47%.

    • For those who forget, Ted Cruz barely escaped defeat by just 2.56%.

  • A Quinnipiac University Poll in early June also showed Cornyn with a lower approval rating than Ted Cruz (50-44%), despite being in office over a decade longer.

  • A trio of polls in February and March showed Cornyn with a horrid approval rating between 34-36%, despite spending twenty years in office.

    • When three polls in a row tell you the same thing, it’s more often than not a good snapshot of where the race is at.

Bottom Line: John Cornyn is the Most Unknown and Disliked Statewide Politician in Texas

The Texas Senate Race is in play.

Texas Democratic Party Communications Director Abhi Rahman issued the following statement:

“Poll after poll shows that Cornyn is the weakest Republican incumbent in Texas in decades and is vulnerable.

“With our strong batch of Democratic candidates, John Cornyn’s days in the Senate are numbered. After spending the past 20 years climbing the Washington ladder instead of looking out for the needs of everyday Texans, it’s time to send John Cornyn packing.”