October 13, 2020/Media, Press

ICYMI: Texas Latinos, Most Severely Affected by COVID, Are Fighting Back at the Polls

AUSTIN, Texas — An article from NBC News highlights how COVID-19 has ravaged Latinos in South Texas, particularly in the lower Rio Grande Valley, and asks residents whether it will be a driving force for voter turnout in this election.

Latinos have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19 across the United States. But Texas is the only state in the nation in which the majority of COVID deaths are Latino. Death is not the only fear as this crisis has affected people’s entire lives and their futures by leaving them jobless, with mountains of debt and medical bills, with no clear plan for students to return to school or receive proper nutrition, and at times with permanent effects from the disease. This virus, and the woefully inadequate response by both the Trump Administration and Governor Greg Abbott, have exacerbated the inequalities that have plagued Texans in this region for generations.

But, as registration numbers and early voting counts have made clear, Texans, and notably Latinos, are coming out in record numbers to fight back. With so much on the line in this election, from the economy and jobs, to education, access to affordable health care, immigration reform, and human rights, Latinos in Texas are not going to sit this one out.

Joe Biden and the Texas Democratic Party have long understood that Latinos are an invaluable part of our nations’ past, present and future. The campaign and party have injected millions into Latino strongholds in Texas during early voting to remind residents just how important their voices are, and to point out just how much power they have in shaping the immediate and long-term future of our state and country.


Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Manny Garcia issued a statement:

“Latinos are projected to become the dominant ethnic group in Texas. We know that the majority of Texans are Democrat, but Republicans have made it harder for people to vote for years. We are changing that this year. We will overcome every hurdle, because we all know what is at stake. For the first time in decades, Texas is the biggest battleground state in the nation. We have the power to shift the focus not only onto Texas but Latino issues across the country. Residents in Texas deserve proven leaders who will fight for the values of our families and communities. That’s why we know Democrats will win big in this election and, come November 3, Texas will be flipped blue and we will hand Joe Biden the presidency.”