February 17, 2021/Media, Press

ICYMI: Greg Abbott and the Republican Party of Texas Continue to Blatantly Lie to the People of Texas, Falsely Shift Blame for Days of Power Outages to Renewable Energy

Facts Show that No, Renewable Energy Was Not to Blame for Abbott’s Incompetence

AUSTIN, Texas —  On Tuesday, without evidence or any data-driven facts, Greg Abbott told Fox News the push for more renewable energy and adoption of the Green New Deal is what led to historic statewide blackouts that has left millions of homes still without power and 21 people dead.

Make no mistake, this is false. 

The State’s electric grid operator, ERCOT, and other experts correctly note the state’s reliance on natural gas power plants is responsible for continued outages. 

For examples of the truth, see below:

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Greg Abbott is a liar who is more interested in scoring political points than helping the millions of Texans who have been without power for days.

“The gravity of this situation cannot be understated. A sitting US Governor has gone on right-wing television to blatantly and falsely spew rhetoric that has zero basis in fact. And he is doing so while his constituents freeze to death or catch hypothermia in their homes, while they struggle without access to necessary medical care and supplies, and while their families go hungry.

“Make No Mistake: Greg Abbott killed Texans. Plain and Simple.”