October 23, 2020/Media, Press

Trump Defends Cruel Child Separation Policy at the Border

Austin, Texas — During the last presidential debate, Donald Trump hit another disgusting low when he disgustingly said “good” when confronted about the fact that his administration cannot locate the parents of 545 children who were separated from their parents.

Make no mistake, children have been separated from the parents because of Trump. Children have been kept in cages because of Trump. Children in ICE detention had no blankets, no toothbrushes, no soap, no showers, no towels, no toys, and no beds. They were abused by Trump and his administration.

Children have died at the hands of Trump.

If that weren’t heinous enough, Trump said this about immigrants who show up to their court hearings, “Only the really, I hate to say this, but those with the lowest I.Q., they might come back.”

Trump has proudly called immigrants rapists, murderers, and animals, implying migrants come from an inferior culture and people.

Texas Democratic Party Spanish Press Secretary and Laredo Native Rafael Benavides issued the following statement:

“What Donald Trump has done is beyond cruel downright criminal. Ripping children away from their families is unconscionable and the lowest of the low. Responding ‘good’ when confronted with it makes it even worse. As a lifelong border resident, I’ve seen firsthand the cages Trump has put these children in. This is wrong and it’s sick. Trump will continue to demonize and dehumanize communities of color so long as he is allowed to get away with it.

“Joe Biden and the Democrats will end this inhuman and barbaric practice and present a plan for comprehensive immigration reform that immediately puts DREAMers on a path to citizenship. With Joe Biden, we can restore dignity and empathy to the White House and reclaim the United States’ role as a champion of human rights.”