September 11, 2020/Media, Press

The Texas Democratic Party and Texas AFL-CIO Host Virtual Press Conference Highlighting Trump’s Broken Promises To Texas Workers

Austin, TX — Today, the Texas Democratic Party and the Texas AFL-CIO hosted a virtual roundtable on Joe Biden’s Made in America plan to restore our economy, protect our Texas workers, and ensure that Texas builds back better than ever before.

To view the full zoom press conference, click here.

Texas AFL-CIO President Rick Levy said the following:

“I think the plan that Joe Biden laid out this morning made it clear that the needs of workers are going to be front and center in the Biden/Harris administration. That means that we’re going to have a president that’s focused on uniting this country to come together to beat the pandemic, to dig us out of the worst job crisis in a century, to address the climate crisis and climate change, and to end the scourge of racism. In short, under Joe Biden, we will all work together and build back better, and Joe Biden knows how to do that.

“He will put the power of the presidency behind the brand, ‘Made in America.’ Trump’s chaotic, lack of caring and leadership has left us with a public health and an economic disaster. We all want to go back to work, but we know that in order to do that and achieve an economic recovery, we have to get this virus under control.”

Texas AFL-CIO Treasurer-Secretary Montserrat Garibay said the following:

“We are the Texas AFL. CIO, more than 245,000 strong fighting workers, working to get a first shot at the American dream. The pandemic has placed our unions in the forefront of demands by frontline workers, to ones who have no choice, but to show up on the job. One in five workers, 29 million Americans are receiving unemployment assistance. For 24 weeks more workers filed unemployment more than during any other recession. Joe Biden understands the idea that unions are the backbone of this country.”

Texas House Democratic Leader Chris Turner said the following:

“I wanted to talk about why planning is so necessary at this time in our history, because of the complete economic crisis that President Donald Trump has created. The United States now has more than 6.3 million cases of. COVID-19 and nearly at 190,000 Americans have lost lives because of the president’s failure to control this virus. In Texas more than 13,000 have lost their lives as a result of this virus. And this morning just how bad it is under Donald Trump. A recording shows the president wanted to play down the severity of the coronavirus. It didn’t have to be this way. More than six months into this pandemic over 13-million Americans are out of work and more than half of the jobs lost have not come back. Donald Trump is the worst president in American history.”

Texas State Representative Armando Walle said the following:

“One of things that is really disturbing about the national strategy to combat the coronavirus is the lack of any science based evidence to make decisions at the national level. Donald Trump talks about the virus magically going away, the only thing going away and disappearing is American businesses and American jobs. Only 7-percent of those who applied for the PPP loans have received the funding. And only a small percentage of these federal loans actually went to small businesses. Joe Biden knows what it takes to view public policy through the lens of the average working person. And the average worker right now has lost unemployment benefits, are worried about putting food on their table, and getting evicted from their homes.”

San Antonio Plumber Leonard Aguilar said the following:

“I come from the construction industry and a plumber by trade. I understand what it is like to be a worker on the frontlines. We need to be working off of facts to reopen businesses, not politics.”

Dallas Transportation Worker Tevita Uhatafe said the following:

“We just celebrated Labor Day, American across the nation have come to learn all the benefits union and non-union provide in their daily lives. Under the Republican governor during the Trump Administration, our rights as union workers have been severely cut short. I am depending on union members near and far to vote your best interest and Joe is our best interest.”