September 11, 2020/Media, Press

Texas Veterans, Biden for President, and the Texas Democratic Party Host Virtual Press Conference Highlighting Trump’s Disgusting Comments Towards Fallen Military Heroes

Austin, TX — Today, Biden for President and the Texas Democratic Party hosted a press call with Texas Women Veterans about the disturbing report in The Atlantic regarding President Trump’s alleged comments about American service members and veterans and discussed why they’re supporting Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

To view the full zoom press conference, click here.

Texas US Senate Democratic Nominee MJ Hegar said the following:

“For me, I believe in the credibility of the President’s comments. But more importantly, if you are questioning the credibility of Trump’s comments you need to be thinking about it in the aggregate, in the environment of the action and other comments the president has made. I take this very seriously. I am a pilot who was shot down and because of that it means our president thinks I am a ‘loser.’ For me it’s a question, the idea of a commander-in-chief who doesn’t understand the gravity of the sacrifices we make should be allowed to deploy our troops. When you are in the middle of a battle and the bullets are flying and the sh*it is about to hit the fan, you rely on the knowledge that the person who put you into that situation has a general respect for your service.”

State House Candidate Elizabeth Beck said the following:

“When elected, I will become the first woman veteran to serve in the Texas House. One of the most meaningful days of my service is when I returned home from Iraq, seeing people from the community celebrating my service and greeting me back home, that is what is in it for me, the ability to serve a cause that is greater than myself. But to have a commander-in-chief that would say such vile things about the men and women who are far braver than he will ever be. It is absolutely disgusting. We must elect Joe Biden on November 3rd. Joe Biden knows what that sacrifice is like and he has a long history of supporting military veterans and families across this nation. We need to know their commander-in-chief has their back, but what we have today is a commander-in-chief who thinks of our military personnel as ‘suckers and losers.’”

Gold Star Mother Hilda Guardiola said the following:

“Anytime I think about my son, even though it’s been 17 years I always cry. When I first heard the words from the president that my son was a loser, I thought my son is no loser, he volunteered to serve our country. All those soldiers like my son were called losers by the president. I didn’t want to lose my son but he wanted to serve his country. He loved this country. He was there to protect our freedoms. My son died to give the president his right to call our military service members ‘suckers and losers.’ I ask you to please think and weigh everything before you vote and vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”

USMC Veteran and Entrepreneur Juanita Sepulveda said the following:

“We talk about facts. We talk about how our commander-in-chief is supposed to be our leader. And this president has had a long history of disparaging our military veterans. The president has no honor and no shame. We believe our troops are being deployed for the correct purposes. But this president has a history of disparaging those who have given their all. He called Senator John McCain a loser for being shot down over Vietnam. He has failed to stand up to Russian when they were placing bounties on our military men and women overseas. He has a history, he has a track record of making these types of statements towards military service men and women and towards our military veterans. I hope my military brothers and sisters see the president for exactly who he is.”