May 31, 2019/Blog, Media, Press

Texas Democrats on Trump’s New $17 Billion Tax Increase on Families and Businesses

Yesterday, Donald Trump announced that he would implement a new $17 Billion tax increase on Texas families and businesses, yet again threatening to devastate relationships with our biggest trading partner Mexico.

These tariffs would hurt Texas more than any other state. We will not allow this president to destroy our economy. It’s clear that this president doesn’t know a thing about Texans, our land, and our great state

It’s estimated to cost taxpayers $17 billion dollars on everyday items, like groceries. This announcement has already prompted a 300-point drop in the Dow Jones this morning.

“Trump’s declaration of 5% tariffs on products imported from Mexico as a migration bargaining chip is clearly insane but in no way surprising. This is one more erratic and nonsensical action from an accidental President who’s approach to problem solving is to figure out how to turn one problem into another,” said United States Congressman Filemon Vela.

“His multiyear obsession with border wall funding at the expense of all other rational security measures has clearly resulted in a border policy that is an abysmal failure. His administration’s recent decision to strip customs agents from their usual roles as caretakers of the flow of legitimate trade and travel at our southern border has drastically stymied the very important international business traffic on our southern border. This latest tariff decision is equally drastic and makes no sense,” Congressman Vela added.

Texas Democrats defeated a similar proposal from Donald Trump in 2017. Trump’s 2017 tax increase on Mexican goods was met with immediate backlash because Mexico is our biggest trading partner.

“Texas’ working families and our economy depend on a strong relationship with Mexico. Trump’s $17 Billion tax increase will kill Texas jobs, raise the price of goods for Texas families, and slaughter Texas’ relationship with its largest trading partner. Americans will get stuck paying more for groceries and everyday items. Texas will bear the brunt of this recklessness.” said Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa.

“Texas Democrats cannot and will not let Trump Republicans drag Texas families down. The time for Republican Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz to stop cowering before Trump and defend our economy is now.”

Texans won’t sit idly by as Trump steals our land and raises taxes on families. They are loud and clear: no one wants this wall and no one wants Trump’s tax increase.

Texans everywhere have one simple message for Donald Trump:

Don’t mess with Texas.