July 21, 2017/Press

Texas Democrats on Senate Special Session Committee Hearings

Austin, TX — Today, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick’s Republican Senate begins committee hearings on legislation targeting public schools, maternal mortality, abortion access, and the rights of transgender Texans. [Senate Committee Hearings and Events]

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Fear-mongering politicians are making careers out of fringe issues and nonsense, and they aren’t doing a damn thing for regular Texans.

“Every minute the Republican Legislature wastes to make Greg Abbott and Dan Patrick’s hateful fantasy come to life is a minute not spent making Texas a better place to live, work, and raise a family.

“While Republicans ram through as many terrible bills as they can, Texas Democrats are equipped with real solutions to the issues that matter to all Texans. We stand with the hundreds of Texans who are taking precious time out of their busy lives today to fight back. We’ll never back down.”