September 10, 2020/Media, Press

Texas Democrats on Governor Abbott’s Weak Photo-Op Meant to Scare Suburbanites

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Nearly 14,000 Texans have died from COVID-19. 3.4 million Texans have filed for unemployment since March. The short term fix of $300 unemployment insurance expansion for Texans unemployed due to the pandemic, runs out today. Systemic racism continues to plague our state and our country and threatens the lives of Black Americans and people of color. Abbott didn’t mention any of these issues today during his fear-mongering, photo-op of a press conference.

“Abbott’s pledge to defund cities that follow their values and prioritize local resources to better keep their communities safe essentially defunds the police. It’s nonsensical and a weak attempt to try to look tough in front of the cameras. Abbott can make all of the pledges he wants, but the reality is, Texans know what the real issues affecting their daily lives are.

“We want leaders who will protect and preserve the Affordable Care Act, expand Medicaid, and ensure that Texans everywhere are getting the coverage they need. We want leaders who understand that America’s promise is not fulfilled until we all are safe, secure, and have the opportunity to prosper. We want leaders who will listen to doctors and scientists, instead of right-wing donors and lobbyists. We want leaders who will respect local communities. And, we want leaders who will fight for Texans instead of looking out for Donald Trump.

“If Abbott cares so much about Austin city politics, he should run for Mayor of Austin, and we will look forward to ending his political career. For anybody who wants to see a real pledge that puts Texans first, visit the Texas First Pledge here.”