February 3, 2019/Media, Press

Texas Democrats Join the Loud and Resounding Demand for Virginia Governor Ralph Northam to Resign

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa and Vice Chair Carla D. Brailey issued the following statement:

“This has gone on for too long. Governor Northam should have already resigned.

“From his disturbing yearbook to his refusal to acknowledge the pain he has inflicted on America to his disgusting press conference yesterday, Governor Northam has lost the confidence and trust of Americans, to say the least.

“Let’s be clear: Racism is not only a white man in blackface. Racism is not just imagery. Racism is not in the past. Racism is voter suppression. Racism is gerrymandering. Racism is SB4. Racism is a criminal justice system that targets communities of color. Racism is a border wall.

“We do not often comment on politicians in other states, but racism of any form has no place in America — especially among our leaders. It must be challenged and stared down. It doesn’t matter if he is a Republican or a Democrat.

“It’s past time for Governor Northam to step aside and let Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax serve Virginians as their next Governor.”