October 28, 2020/Media, Press

Texas Democratic Party Strongly Encourages Voters Who Have NOT received their Mail-in Ballot to Vote In-Person as Soon as Possible

Austin, Texas — If you have not received your mail-in ballot, the Texas Democratic Party encourages you to vote in person. With three days remaining during early voting, voters still have ample opportunities to make their voices heard at the ballot box.

For those who requested a mail ballot, do not yet have it in hand, and are able, we encourage them to go in person to a polling place to vote.

Find an early voting polling place near you at MyTexasVotes.com.

If a voter has their mail ballot and wants to vote in person, they should bring their ballot with them. Voters who requested a mail ballot and do not have it will be asked to vote a provisional ballot. That provisional ballot will be counted once election officials confirm their mail ballot was not also received and counted.

For voters who have mailed in their ballot and want to confirm it was received, the nonprofit Vote America has an online tool which is a useful way voters can use to check whether their ballot has been received by county election administrators.

Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Manny Garcia issued the following statement:

“To make sure your vote counts, the Texas Democratic Party encourages voters who have not received their mail-in-ballot to vote in-person. If you do have your mail ballot, vote and put it in the mail today or hand deliver it to your county’s drop-off location. The Texas Democratic Party encourages all voters to make a plan to vote at MyTexasVotes.com.”