February 26, 2018/Media, Press

ICYMI: Democrats see a light at the end of the tunnel

Austin, TX – Texas Democrats have been organizing, marching, running for office, and our hard work is showing results. Last week, Texas Democrats turned out to vote in record numbers. Over the weekend, the San Antonio Express-News wrote a piece highlighting the important work the Texas Democratic Party has been doing online, on the ground, and in communities across Texas to get the vote out.


  • “Democrats contend statewide races are single-digit contests this time, and they think they have a chance for an upset win.”

  • “In the state’s 15 largest counties combined, Democrats who voted in person and by mail totaled 139,720 the first four days, up by 60,031 compared to the first days four years ago.”

  • “The Texas Democratic Party has made a fresh digital push; conducted training sessions in eight cities to engage activists; doubled the number of the mail-in ballot applications sent out, to 700,000, compared to 2016…”

  • “…[The Texas Democratic Party] enhanced its MyTexasVotes.com site to ensure people can find their polling places and get information such as the type of identification they must bring.”

  • “[Destiny Molina, Texas Democratic Party organizer for Congressional District 23] has organized voter registration initiatives, including in a high school; get-out-the-vote efforts including block-walking and phone banking; and has voters fill out pledge-to-vote cards that remind them to cast their ballots.”

  • “We know that there is a lot of fear and anxiety because of what is happening across the country with Donald Trump and with the Republican Party. It’s not enough to just have those negative feelings out there in the atmosphere. We need to make sure that we create a sense of pride, and a sense that you can do something about it,” said Manny Garcia, deputy executive director of the Texas Democratic Party. “The answer to this right now is to go vote in the Democratic Primary. Elect your candidates, and declare your values.”

Read the full article on the work Texas Democrats are doing by San Antonio Express-News’ Peggy Fikac.