April 1, 2019/Media, Press

ICYMI: David Whitley Botches Attempted Voter Suppression, Gets Himself a 49% Raise

AUSTIN, T.X. — Today, the Austin-American Statesman reported that former Abbott chauffeur and incompetent Secretary of State David Whitley received a 49% pay raise after attempting to suppress the vote and botching the rollout of the actual implementation. [Austin-American Statesman, April 1, 2019]

Highlights from the Austin-American Statesman:

  • Appointed Secretary of State David Whitley will now make a staggering $197,415 — $64,500 more than his predecessor.
  • “After only 5½ weeks on the job, Whitley made national news when he announced that an investigation by his office had found 95,000 potential noncitizens who had registered to vote in violation of state law…Within days of Whitley’s Jan. 25 announcement, however, flaws in the data became apparent, and about 25,000 of the flagged names were quickly determined to be naturalized citizens who were eligible to vote. Many county officials, frustrated with data they couldn’t trust, slowed or halted their investigations.”
  • “Whitley and the state of Texas also were hit with three lawsuits from civil rights groups and naturalized voters, prompting a federal judge to issue a series of orders that effectively halted the investigation into suspect voters.”
  • Whitley sent a letter to every member of the Legislature in which he admitted that more care should have been taken to ensure that citizens were removed from the list of suspect registered voters.
  • Whitley needs the vote of more than ⅔ of Senators to remain in the job past May 27th.

Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Manny Garcia issued the following statement:

“The biggest fool in Texas state government just received a 49% raise for being utterly incompetent at his job. That’s what obedience to Republican Governor Greg Abbott’s discriminatory voter purge schemes gets you.

“Texas families continue to struggle to make ends meet while David Whitley spends his $200,000 a year salary trying to take away Texans’ right to vote. That’s not right and Texas Democrats will put an end to this.

“David Whitley may be living high on the hog with the taxpayer dime right now, but he’ll be filing for unemployment when his nomination fails confirmation at the end of the legislative session.”