July 25, 2017/Press

Cruz & Cornyn Vote to Advance Repeal of Affordable Care Act with No Plan

Austin, TX — Today, as reported by the Washington Post, “Senate Republican leaders secured the votes they needed on Tuesday to begin debating health-care legislation, in a dramatic reversal of fortune for their beleaguered health-care effort.” [Washington Post, July 25, 2017]


  • “The 51 to 50 vote, in which Vice President Pence broke the tie, now puts Republicans in the position of taking up legislation that would affect one-sixth of the nation’s economy and how tens of millions Americans receive medical treatment.”

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Today, Republicans opened the door to rip health care away from millions of families.

“Republican Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn have just sold out hard working Texas families, all so their millionaire friends can get a tax cut. A vote for TrumpCare is a vote to kill Americans.

“Our fight is far from over. America is stronger when Americans are healthy. Healthcare is a right. It also makes up a one-sixth of our economy. Simply put, this is too important to let Republican politicians destroy it under the cover of darkness.”