October 27, 2020/Media, Press

BREAKING: Texas Leads The Nation in COVID-19 Cases

Austin, Texas — Texas leads the nation in COVID-19 cases. NBC News reported as of Monday, Texas had reported 910,124 had been infected with COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic, unacceptable and continuing to rise. The state’s rolling average for new cases is now at 6,446.9, the highest it has been since September 29.

Over the last two days with 73 new reported COVID-19 deaths, bringing the statewide death total to 18,077 Texans.

More from NBC News:

  • “The number of new cases in Texas increased at a rate of 19 percent over the past two weeks, compared to 15 percent in California.”
  • “If Texas were an independent country, it would rank ninth in the world for total number of cases — just ahead of Mexico, its neighbor to the south, which has 891,160, according to the Johns Hopkins University Covid-19 dashboard.”
  • “Trump, whose re-election chances have been imperiled by his administration’s much-criticized response to the crisis that has infected 8.7 million in the United States and killed more than 226,000, has already said he does not plan to campaign in the state this week.”

Republican Leadership at the Federal and State Levels Have Failed. It’s Time to Elect New Leaders.

Texas Democratic Party Communications Director Abhi Rahman issued the following statement:

“Our leaders in Texas and this country have completely failed us. Donald Trump, Greg Abbott, and John Cornyn mismanaged this crisis from day one. They ignored science, lied, misinformed and sat on the hands instead of planning for a way out of this mess. Our families have paid the price.

“Texas desperately needs change. We must change our leaders, before this crisis gets even worse. To end the coronavirus crisis, we must elect Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Texas Democrats down the ballot. Find your closest polling location and vote today at MyTexasVotes.com.”