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If you have additional questions, call 844-TX-VOTES

The deadline for the county to have received your request for a mail-in ballot for the May General Municipal Election was Tuesday, April 20, 2021.

Once you’ve been approved and receive your mail-in ballot, please complete it as soon as possible and either mail it back to your Early Voting Clerk or hand deliver it to their office on Election Day.


Mail-in Ballot Application

  • Who is able to request a Mail Ballot?
    • Individuals 65 and over on Election Day
    • Individuals who are sick or have a disability
    • Individuals who are confined in jail
    • Individuals who will be outside of their county during Early Vote AND Election Day
  • Where can I get a vote by mail application?
    • If you have access to a printer and computer, you can print off an application
    • If you need an application mailed to you, fill out this request form
    • Mail your application to the address listed for your county here.
  • What qualifies as a disability or physical condition?
    • While fear of COVID-19 by itself does not qualify, you can consider your current health conditions and health history in deciding whether you qualify to vote by mail because of disability or physical condition.
    • The decision to apply to vote by mail based on a disability or physical condition is your own (subject to a correct understanding of the law). Your county clerk has no responsibility to question or investigate your application unless you provide additional information explaining your specific disability or physical condition.
    • If your application to vote by mail has been questioned or rejected, call 844-TX-VOTES for assistance.
  • I want to apply to vote by mail. Can I apply by email or fax?
    • Yes, you can, but you must also mail the original, hard copy of your application to the early clerk of your county.
      • First, complete the application here, print it out, and sign it. (See below if you don’t have a printer.)
      • Email or fax a photo or scanned version of your application to the early voting clerk of your county by Tuesday, April 20. You can find the email address and fax number for your early voting clerk here.
      • Then, you must mail the original, hard copy of the application to your early voting clerk, and it must be received within four business days of your email/fax (April 26 if you emailed/faxed it on April 20). You can find the mailing address for your early voting clerk here.
  • What if I become disabled or hospitalized on or after the deadline to request a mail-in ballot?
    • You have the option of voting a late ballot. A registered voter who becomes disabled or hospitalized on or after the deadline may fill out this application, have a physician, chiropractor, or practitioner complete the affidavit section, and have a friend, family member, or other representative deliver the application and pick up a ballot from the early voting clerk. The application can be submitted until 5pm on Election Day. Then, the voter can mark the ballot, and their representative can personally deliver it back to the early voting clerk’s office before 7:00 pm on Election Day
  • I am /I’m helping a military or overseas voter. How can they get a ballot?
    • There are special provisions and deadlines to make voting easier for military personnel and overseas citizens. Get more information here.

Mail-in Ballot

  • When does my mail ballot need to be received in order to be counted?
    • Your mail ballot must be received by your county by 7pm on Election Day (if it’s not postmarked) or 5pm the day after Election Day (as long as it’s postmarked by 7pm on Election Day).
  • Can I send my ballot by FedEx or UPS?
    • We strongly recommend that you hand-deliver your ballot. If you chose to send your ballot via FedEx or UPS, keep in mind that the envelope containing your ballot will not be postmarked, so it must arrive by Election Day.
  • Can I hand deliver my ballot to the elections office?
    • Yes, but only on Election Day. Other rules were in place for the November election, but for the May 1st election you can only hand deliver your ballot on Election Day to the election official’s office.


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