February 4, 2020/Media

What to know about Veronica Escobar, the Latina Texas Congresswoman delivering tonight’s Democratic Spanish-language State of the Union Response

Tonight, the American people will have the privilege to hear from Texas Democrat, Congresswoman Veronica Escobar, as she delivers the Democratic Party’s Spanish-language rebuttal to the president’s State of the Union address. As she magnifies the sentiments and the concern held by the Democratic resistance to the Trump Administration, Rep. Escobar will surely deliver a synthesized address that speaks to the issues facing Americans. 

During her first term as a U.S. Representative, Rep. Escobar has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the people of El Paso. As one of the first two Latinas to represent Texas in Congress, she has led with persistence, allowing the Democratic values that have shaped her governance to remain at the forefront. 

Rep. Escobar was one of the leading Democratic legislators highlighting the inhumanity of Donald Trump’s immigration policies on our Southern border. 

In her first 100 days in office, Veronica led 6 delegations of U.S. legislators to our border to highlight the inhumanity of Trump’s immigration policies. For some, it may seem simpler to speak about the president’s cruel policy of separating families and locking up children in cages through a distanced lens, without having to see it first-hand. However, Rep. Escobar encouraged her colleagues to witness the dehumanizing effects of the policy, and thus figure out a legislative solution to end the cruelty. 

“History will not look kindly on what’s happening today, and we will have to look ourselves in the mirror and ask ourselves what we did,” Rep. Escobar said at a panel discussion in El Paso. “Yesterday I took my colleagues to the area where all of these families are being detained. They’ve been in detention for over seven days, and I will never get the sound of those crying babies out of my head. I never will.”

However, Rep. Escobar also understood that the ruthless nature of the president’s immigration policies were isolated in their motive. The fearless Congresswoman acknowledged how Donald Trump’s xenophobic rhetoric had far-reaching effects. 

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After racially-motivated gun violence struck the city of El Paso, Rep. Escobar’s leadership guided her district through the tragedy. 

In August 2019, a gunman, motivated by racism and xenophobia, drove 600 miles to El Paso to open fire on a local Walmart. The killer wrote a sickening manifesto prior to committing the mass shooting, in which he cited his intent to inflict pain and suffering on “Mexicans.” In the aftermath of the shooting, Rep. Escobar stood tall for her district and emerged as one of the key Democrats demanding gun-control legislation that could have hindered the gunman from killing dozens of innocent people. 

Two days after the shooting befell the city of El Paso, Rep. Escobar issued a statement linking the president’s rhetoric to the emboldening of these racist gunmen. 

“Words have consequences. The president has made my community and my people the enemy,” Escobar said. “He has told the country that we are people to be feared, people to be hated.”

Not only was Congresswoman Escobar accurate in her association, but she also didn’t propose shallow policy solutions that could have been easily swept under the proverbial rug. She fought for her district, and the people she was elected to represent, and she continues to do so. 

Rep. Escobar is now a freshman representative on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s leadership team

The leadership exhibited by Rep. Escobar has earned her commendation from the ranking Democrats in Congress. In 2019, Veronica assumed her post as the freshman representative on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s leadership team. 

In her role, Rep. Escobar will participate in weekly leadership meetings, contribute to the formation of the Democratic Caucus’ strategy on a wide range of issues, and represent the freshman class of House Democrats. 

Rep. Escobar is an embodiment of what it means to be Texas Democrat. Her wholehearted commitment to the people of El Paso, and the Democratic values with which she governs are truly commendable. Throughout her first term, Rep. Escobar has amplified the issues facing Texans, and actively protested the inhumanity plaguing our institutions. From gun control to the president’s harmful immigration policies, Rep. Escobar has brought attention to the threats facing our communities and has fought for real solutions for the people of Texas. The Texas Democratic Party applauds Rep. Escobar and all the progressive solutions she has spearheaded.