May 21, 2020/Media, Press

Vulnerable Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn Flip-Flops, Claims Expanding Unemployment Benefits to Assist Out of Work Texans was “Just a Mistake”

Cornyn’s Flip-Flop Comes Weeks After Touting His Role in the Bill

Austin, TX — Flip-flopping Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn has flipped and flopped once again, this time on expanding unemployment benefits for the nearly two million Texans who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19.

Telling an NBC News reporter “I say we just made a mistake” when asked about the bill to expand unemployment benefits, Cornyn walked back on his previous touting of the bill, seen extensively below:

  • HuffPost: Cornyn Touted The $600 Increase In Unemployment Insurance In The CARES Act After Voting For A “Last-Minute Push To Lower Unemployment Benefits.” [HuffPost, 4/2/20]

  • Cornyn: Congress Added $600 A Week To Unemployment Insurance Because “We Knew Expanded Unemployment Insurance Was Important.” [YouTube, US INDIA Chamber Of Commerce, 4/17/20] (AUDIO 5:53)


Maybe because Cornyn was caught lying about his involvement in the bill in the first place. 

Or maybe it’s because the man John Cornyn takes marching orders from, Mitch McConnel, has vowed to strip expanded unemployment benefits in the next COVID relief bill.

This isn’t the first time Cornyn has flipped flopped on matters of life and death.

Last week alone, Cornyn was caught explaining the benefits of the Affordable Care Act after doing everything in his power to repeal the bill and voting for repeal 20 times. 

Cornyn Can’t Have It Both Ways.

Texas Democratic Party Communications Director Abhi Rahman issued the following statement:

“Like a typical Washington politician, John Cornyn tries to be everything to everybody. During his two decades in Washington, Cornyn has shown his beliefs change by the day. During our nation’s worst pandemic in a century, Cornyn’s focus is on scoring political points with his base rather than doing his job and aiding the millions of Texans who have lost everything due to COVID-19. Texans deserve a Senator who leads with moral clarity and political courage in times of crisis. Unfortunately, we’re stuck with John Cornyn for the time being.”