April 24, 2020/Media, Press

VIDEO RELEASE: The Texas Democratic Party Unveils the Biggest Virtual State Party Convention in the Country

Austin TX — Today, the Texas Democratic Party unveiled more details and launched a video showcasing our virtual Texas Democratic Convention. We have shifted our convention to an innovative, digital space, hosting the biggest online convention and virtual experience in Democratic Party history.

To view the launch video for the virtual Texas Democratic Convention, click here. 

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“The Texas Democratic Party is thrilled we will be moving the biggest state convention in the country to a completely online, virtual experience. Our convention will be fun, exciting, and keep everybody safe during this difficult time.

“As the largest Democratic state convention in the country, the Texas Democratic Party realizes we have an obligation to Texas Democrats everywhere to make this convention accessible and open to everybody who wants to participate. The Texas Democratic Party realizes that the state convention isn’t just a time for Party business but a time to bring everybody together.

“We will be offering greater access than we ever have before in the making of this production. During these difficult times, it is our obligation to continue to push our Democratic values forward and ensure every Texan has a fair shot to get ahead. Together, our online convention and virtual experience will change state party conventions forever.”

Additional details include:

  • Texas Democratic Convention will be Monday, June 1 through Saturday, June 6.

  • Featuring the biggest names in Texas and American politics on amazing panels, dynamic trainings, and so much more.

  • Electing of our state and national party leaders, national delegates, and presidential electors.

  • People can sign up for convention updates on TexasDemocraticConvention.com

  • Full schedule, speakers, lineup, and RSVP for virtual media room to come soon.

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