October 17, 2019/Blog, Media

Trump’s Hate Doesn’t Belong In This State.

Poll after poll shows that Trump is losing support in the Lone Star State.

He knows this, and that’s why he’s desperately wasting his campaign resources by showing up to Texas on a trail of broken promises, bad policy decisions, and no real results for hardworking Texans. Candidates generally don’t waste their time and resources on a state that should guarantee a win, and yet, Trump spends more on Facebook ads in Texas than any other state in the country.

In the latest of his stunts, Trump landed in Dallas as a part of his Keep America Great rally — this will be his third time to hold a rally at a state that’s no longer reliably Republican in a year, and his 7th visit this year in Texas. This all shouldn’t come as a surprise since polls are showing that Democrats are beating Trump, both in presidential candidates and for a virtually tied race for U.S. Senate.

Trump has failed to deliver for Texans – on the economy, health care, and immigration – and now must scramble to hold on to the Lone Star State.

Since Trump has taken office, his economic policies have only benefited his friends and corporations while leaving hardworking Texans behind, has jeopardized healthcare for millions of Texans, and proclaimed hundreds of times that Mexico would pay for his ridiculous border wall and even went so far as to force a government shutdown after Congress wouldn’t foot the bill.

Hate doesn’t belong in our great state, which is why Texas Democrats are fighting on the ground every single day so that all Texans have a fair shot and can get ahead. This is the most critical election of our lifetime — we have generations of people who have never lived through a time when Texas was blue, and now it’s our chance.

Texas Democrats are united in positive change, and is a party of people that works for the people. Let’s show Trump that you don’t mess with Texas.