July 9, 2020/Media, Press

Throwback Thursday: Texas Democratic Party Shatters Fundraising Record, Breaks Viewership Records at Virtual State Convention

Austin, TX — As Texas Republicans remain in shambles trying to revive a dangerous in-person state convention that will either risk lives or show off their technical incompetence, this throwback Thursday, the Texas Democratic Party takes you down a stroll of memory lane a few weeks ago Texas Democrats broke fundraising records and were lauded for our “wave of the future” convention.

For a brief roundup of some of the coverage of the Texas Democratic Party’s virtual convention, see below: 

New York Magazine — “Texas Democrats Hold Wave-of-the-Future Virtual Convention”

“While the Texas Democrats’ virtual convention is a bit of an experiment that the DNC and other state parties are watching closely, it’s likely to become a success by normal standards. As Texas Democratic Party communications director Abhi Rahman told me, the event has already been paid for and will command six-figure viewership, if not more. There’s no real reason to go back to an in-person event in the future.”

Washington Post — “The Brave New World of Virtual Political Conventions”

“The result was almost seamless. Glitches came from the guests, not the party — a guest calling in a little late, a speaker giving them a raw video that included a few seconds of her trying to pronounce a colleague’s name. None it would have stood out at a traditional, loud, normal convention…It worked: They raised more than $1 million over the course of the week, the biggest digital haul ever for a state Democratic Party.”

Forbes: “Texas Democratic Party Shatters Fundraising Record”

“The Texas Democratic Party set massive digital fundraising records during its convention last week—the first large-scale virtual convention of its kind—with the donation amount on Friday alone more than doubling the amount of digital fundraising the party ever collected in a single month, as polls have shown a tight race in the state between President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden.”

CNN — “Live or Virtual Conventions? Texas Parties May Preview Split”

“For ideas, Switzer said, she looked to other large-scale digital events, including video gaming tournaments and the South by Southwest festival held annually in Austin. The party’s answers included:

  • Building a digital platform that makes it easier for the many caucuses and candidates to hold virtual meetings with convention attendees on Facebook Live or Zoom.

  • Filming short video messages that will play throughout the program encouraging attendees to volunteer for organizing work or to contribute to the party.

  • Establishing “virtual media rooms” in which reporters can question speakers after their remarks.

  • Encouraging speakers to have their campaigns communicate extensively with viewers through the chat functions that will be available during the online broadcast.

CBS News: “How Texas Democrats Plan to Pull-Off an All-Virtual Convention”

“We pride ourselves for having the largest convention in the country,” said Texas Democratic Party deputy executive director Cliff Walker. “It’s the biggest gathering of Democrats outside of the DNC (Democratic National Convention). But now that we’re having to make some adjustments, I think it really does give us some opportunities.”

The Guardian: “Texas Democrats Plan to Create a Voter Registration Army — Via Zoom”

“Texas Democrats plan to use Zoom around its convention to create an army of voter registration volunteers, a novel approach to work around the state’s severe restrictions on voter registration during the Covid-19 pandemic. The effort comes as voter registration efforts, both in Texas and around the US have effectively stalled just months before the presidential election.”

Axios: “Biden’s virtual-convention dry run in Texas”

“The Texas Democratic Party says they’ve registered 2.6 million new voters since the 2016 election — a number they tout as ‘dropping the entire population of New Mexico into the Texas voter roll,’ Abhi Rahman, the state party’s communications director, told Axios.”

Wall Street Journal: “Battle for Texas Heats Up as Democrats Receive Fundraising Boost”

“The Texas Democratic Party said it hit a new digital fundraising record, tallying about $1.4 million through just digital donations between June 1 and June 7, when it held its virtual convention.”

The Hill: “Texas Democrats eye voter registration push at state convention”

“Throughout the convention, which was forced online due to the coronavirus pandemic, the TDP will host several virtual trainings for convention-goers. Notably, two of the trainings will focus on voter registration and community organizing — a combination that TDP officials say they hope will increase voter turnout in November.”

Dallas News: “Texas Democrats break fundraising records at virtual convention”

“The Texas Democratic Party raised nearly $2 million during its week-long virtual convention, breaking the party’s digital daily and monthly fundraising record during the event.”

Houston Chronicle: “$38 donations, Hollywood stars fuel Texas Democrats’ fundraising push”

“The Texas Democratic Party says it raised more money in one day than it typically does in a full month as celebrities and high-profile Democrats on Wednesday tweeted “Win Texas. Lose Trump.” and urged their fans to give $38 to the party.”

Bottom Line: Contrast the Message, Planning, and Precision of the Two Conventions. Only One Party Cares about People.