September 8, 2020/Media, Press

Texas House is Up For Grabs in November

With Unprecedented Investment from the Texas Democratic Party, Texas HDCC, and Allied Groups, the Texas House will Flip on Election Day


AUSTIN, Texas – Today, the group Forward Majority announced they will be spending $15 million on Democratic campaigns in targeted state house races across the country, with the largest percentage of those funds being spent on Texas state house races.

Forward Majority plans to spend $6.2 million to flip the Texas House of Representatives to a Democrat majority. The national group joins the Texas Democratic Party’s strategic imperative to flip the Texas House.

Forward Majority’s announcement follows historic fundraising in Texas by the House Democratic Campaign Committee.

In July, the group announced it had managed to raise more than $1.3 million, which far exceeded the amount of money the group raised in 2018 when it helped flip 12 Texas House seats from Republican to Democrat.

Here are the 22 Texas House districts the Texas Democratic Party is targeting:


ICYMI: Texas Tribune: National Democratic group to spend $6.2 million in effort to flip the Texas House

State and national efforts to flip the Texas House to a Democratic majority will determine who controls the lower-chamber’s agenda when the Legislature returns in January.

More from the Texas Tribune:

  • “The group, Forward Majority, plans to spend $6.2 million across 18 races that will likely determine who controls the lower chamber in January, according to an announcement first shared with The Texas Tribune. The money will go toward TV, digital ads and mail in each district.”

  • “‘We have a once in a generation opportunity to establish a Democratic majority ahead of redistricting and cement Texas’ status as the biggest battleground state in the country,’ Forward Majority spokesperson Ben Wexler-Waite said in a statement.”

  • “Democrats are currently nine seats away from the House majority — and growing confident in their chances of capturing the chamber. They have released a slew of internal polls in recent weeks showing close races in many of their targeted districts, with the Democratic nominees clearly ahead in some.”


Texas Democratic Party Communications Director Abhi Rahman issued the following statement:

“So much is at stake in November and national groups like Forward Majority understand that importance. Together, we will take back the Texas House. When we do, Democrats will deliver on the fair shot everyone deserves to get ahead. From expanding Medicaid to drawing fair maps in redistricting, everything is on the line. Let’s organize and win.”