August 20, 2020/Media, Press

Texas Democrats Remain Front and Center on Day Two of the Democratic National Convention.

Congresswoman Veronica Escobar, Congressman Colin Allred and State Representative Victoria Neave Show Texas Is the Biggest Battleground State in the Country


AUSTIN, Texas –– Today, day two of the Democratic National Convention, three Texans held prominent roles and delivered keynote speeches. Every single one of our Texas Democrats made the state proud and proved exactly why Texas is the biggest battleground state in the country.

For a brief summary of their roles and quotes, see below:

Congresswoman Veronica Escobar

The El Paso Latina provided the Texas Roll Call and said:

“A year ago my safe community of El Paso was targeted by a domestic terrorist who murdered 23 innocent people, injured 23 more and devastated all of us. His motive was racism and xenophobia. In the face of hate, we chose love. And in the face of continued gun violence in America we demand change. The time has come to act. With one abstention, the great State of Texas casts 98 votes for Bernie Sanders, and 161 votes for Joe Biden.”


Congressman Colin Allred

Allred is among the Democratic leaders the DNC has labeled “Rising Stars” who were selected to deliver tonight’s keynote address. Allred was part of the Democratic wave in 2018 that unseated longtime Republican incumbents.

“I look around in my district North Texas and I see the people who built this country, the educators like the single mom who raised me. The men and women on the frontlines of this country, you built this country.

“Joe’s working to protect and expand the Affordable Care Act. He’ll make sure millions of people keep their coverage and no one can be denied for pre-existing conditions. He’ll bring down the cost of healthcare and prescription drugs too, giving tax credits to working families, and allowing Medicare to negotiate drudge prices.”


State Representative Victoria Neave

Neave was one of two state leaders, the most of any state, selected to deliver the keynote address. She is among a group of next-generation Democratic leaders the DNC has labeled “Rising Stars.”

“Joe Biden will never forget who he is fighting for, similar to Biden’s push to provide the dignity, respect, overdue justice to the survivors of sexual assault.

“In Texas, we are standing up for fierce women like my mom and mis tias who raised me to never back down from a tough fight. So, we are fighting to make sure that mothers have access to health screenings for safe pregnancies and childbirth, and we’re bringing long-overdue justice to survivors of sexual assault.”

Neave is the author of the historic Lavina Masters Act which undue the backlog of thousands of untested rape kits.