November 1, 2017/Media, Press

Texas Democrats on Trump’s [Still Secret] Rotten Tax “Plan”

Austin, TX — Today, House Republicans were supposed to unveil their long-anticipated, written-in-secret tax code overhaul…they didn’t.

Last night, Rep. Kevin Brady announced that Republicans would delay their tax reform announcement until later in this week. “After months of fractious negotiations, House Republicans appear to be struggling to deliver on their first of many ambitious deadlines on tax reform.” [CNN, November 1, 2017]

Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Crystal K. Perkins issued the following statement:

“Trump’s secret tax ‘plan’ may still be locked behind closed doors but voters already smell something rotten.

“Let’s be honest, Republicans delayed today’s announcement because they are figuring out just how much money they can give away to billionaires like Trump. We know what to expect from this trickle-down disaster. Special interests, wealthy corporations, and the top 1% are ready for a big payday, and it’s all funded by a hidden tax increase on middle class families and passing the debt onto our grandchildren.”


  • Just 25% of Americans say the Republican tax plan is a good idea.
  • 56% of Americans think Trump’s tax ideas will benefit the rich.
  • Only 19% of Americans say the Republican tax bill will significantly improve the economy.