March 6, 2021/Media, Press

Texas Democrats on the Senate Passing a $1.9 Billion Relief Package for Texas and American Families

Senators Cruz, Cornyn and all Republicans voted against helping American families

AUSTIN, Texas — Today, the Senate passed President Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-relief package.

The passage of the American Rescue Plan in the Senate means that millions of Texans will soon receive $1,400 checks to support their families through this crisis and billions of dollars will now go towards additional unemployment aid, our nation’s schools, small businesses, vaccine distribution, and funding for state and local governments.

Democrats were also successful in expanding the child tax credit, subsidies for child care, food and rental assistance, and the eligibility criteria under the Affordable Care Act.

When Democrats are elected into office, they deliver for Texans and their families. 


Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued a statement:

“I commend our Democratic Senators for their support in passing President Biden’s COVID relief bill, which provides necessary $1400 checks for Texas families and is the largest anti-poverty effort in a generation. Texans need this relief and we are lucky to have national elected leaders who are now working on behalf of the people. Simply put, this is what happens when you elect Democrats — they deliver for the American people. 

“Unfortunately, every single Republican in the Senate, including our very own Texas Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn, voted against providing struggling Americans and their children with much-needed relief during this unprecedented health and economic crisis that has taken so much from our communities. This is who our Republican elected officials are. This is what they believe in. 

“It is shameful that Texans have Senators who will not fight for Texas families and small businesses, yet have no problem passing trillions of dollars in tax breaks for the mega-rich in this country. We must vote for elected officials who will do the jobs they were elected to do. We must elect Democrats who will fight for our families and our communities.”

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