February 12, 2018/Media, Press

Texas Democrats on Paid Sick Leave for Austin Workers

Austin, TX — Thursday, the Austin City Council will vote on a paid sick leave ordinance, if it passes, it would make Austin the first Texas city with paid sick leave.

Where does the Texas Democratic Party stand on paid sick leave?

Texas Democrats believe healthcare is a right. Our Texas Democratic Party platform paid sick leave in all employment contracts and calls us to fight for that right.

This March primary, Texas Democrats will vote on Proposition 4, the right to economic security, where all workers have earned paid family and sick leave and a living wage that respects their hard work.

Why does this matter?

Currently, more than 223,000 workers are at risk of losing wages or being fired if they follow doctor’s orders when they or a family member is ill. No one who works in Austin should have to forgo seeking medical care just to make ends meet.

What are Texas Democrats are doing about it?

We’ve launched a digital campaign to connect folks with their Austin City Council Members and ask them to vote for the Paid Sick Days ordinance as proposed on February 15.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Too often, a sudden health emergency forces many Texans to choose between seeking medical care or putting food on the table. Paid sick leave is essential to hardworking Texans, especially working parents and single mothers. That’s we have joined so many outstanding progressive organizations in the Austin community to pass paid sick leave now. We’ve launched a robust digital campaign to connect folks with their city council members and encourage support for the vote.

“We refuse to accept the broken status quo. We can do right by working families and treat employees like the neighbors, parents, and innovators they are. Paid sick leave is good for public health and strengthens both our economy and community. Most importantly, it’s about basic human dignity. Texans are better off when members of our community can care for a loved one without fear of losing their livelihood and passing this ordinance is a long overdue step in the right direction.”