October 15, 2020/Media, Press

Texas Democrats on Governor Abbott Stealing A Texas Supreme Court Seat From the People

Voters Should Decide the Next Texas Supreme Court Justice, Not Governor Abbott

AUSTIN, Texas — Today, Governor Abbott appointed Rebecca Huddle as the next Justice of the Texas Supreme Court. This appointment comes after Justice Paul Green retired on August 31, one week after the deadline for his replacement to be on the ballot in November.

Had Green retired the week before, five seats for the Texas Supreme Court would have been up for the people of Texas to decide. Texas voters could have made the decision about shaping the future of our justice system here in Texas.

As it stands, four seats are up in November. Four strong Texas Democratic candidates: Judge Amy Clark Meachum, Judge Staci Williams, Justice Gisela Triana, and Kathy Cheng are ready to put justice above partisanship.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“After attempting to use the courts to stop Texans from voting, Governor Abbott is again thumbing his nose at everyday Texans by appointing a replacement instead of letting the voters decide. Green purposely timed his resignation to disenfranchise Texans and not let them choose their next Texas Supreme Court justice. That is dead wrong and against the fundamental principles of our democracy and the sanctity of the Texas Supreme Court.

“The Republican Texas Supreme Court has taken every opportunity they can to rule against the interests of the people of Texas. They have ruled that Texans’ voting rights in the middle of a pandemic do not matter while landlords can kick Texans out of their homes. They have bent the law to maintain power for Republicans no longer supported by the majority of the state. Republicans on the Texas Supreme Court continue to put their donors and political allies above the law, making justice for sale to the highest bidder instead of the Texans they are entrusted to serve.

“The best way to come back at Governor Abbott is to elect the four Democratic Texas Supreme Court nominees in November. Judge Amy Clark Meachum, Judge Staci Williams, Justice Gisela Triana, and Kathy Cheng are ready to put the courts above partisanship. They are ready to put the people of Texas first. Democracy must reign supreme in Texas. The people should choose their justices, not Greg Abbott. We’ll have a chance to choose all four of them in November.”