January 16, 2018/Media, Press

Texas Democrats on Gov. Greg Abbott’s Tax Smokescreen

Austin, TX — Today, Republican Governor Greg Abbott recycled a piece of property tax reform that would limit local school districts’ and cities’ ability “to fix potholes, provide public safety, maintain infrastructure and educate students.” [Dallas News, January 16, 2018]

This is one of Abbott’s failures during the legislative session. During that time, The Dallas Morning News Editorial Board cited Abbott’s hypocrisy saying he, “has no shame when it comes to passing the buck on school finance and property taxes… Local property taxes are high partly because the state isn’t properly funding public schools... leaving cities and counties to become scapegoats for a problem they didn’t create.[Dallas News, July 24, 2017]

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Governor Abbott dusting off his failed policy during an election year highlights his failure to accomplish anything of substance in his entire first term.

“Texans aren’t stupid, Abbott’s proposal makes it harder for cities to fill potholes, counties to build roads, and schools to meet the growing needs of our children’s education. After decades of Republican rule at the state level and kicking the can down the road on critical investments, it is entirely clear they can not be trusted to solve anything.”