November 7, 2018/Media, Press

Texas Democrats Gain At least 11 State House and 2 State Senate Seats

Austin, TX– Texas Democrat gained 2 state senate seats and at least 11 state house seats, bringing our caucus to 66 in the 150-member chamber. Texas Democrats congratulate the following legislative candidates have flipped districts from Red to Blue:


  • State Senator-elect Nathan Johnson (16)

  • State Senator-elect Beverly Powell  (10)


  • State Representative-elect Ana-Maria Ramos (102)

  • State Representative-elect John Turner (114)

  • State Representative-elect Terry Meza (105)

  • State Representative-elect Julie Johnson (115)

  • State Representative-elect John Bucy (136)

  • State Representative-elect Rhetta Andrews Bowers (113)

  • State Representative-elect Vikki Goodwin (47)

  • State Representative-elect James Talarico (52)

  • State Representative-elect Jon E. Rosenthal (135)

  • State Representative-elect Michelle Beckley (65)

  • State Representative-elect Erin Zwiener (45)

Too close to call:

  • Joanna Cattanach (108)

  • Brandy K Chambers (112)

  • Adam Milasincic (138)

  • Sharon Hirsch (66)

  • Gina Calanni (132)

  • Allison Lami (134).

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Texas Democrats faced a tough map, but we built the largest legislative battlefield in a decade and recruited incredible candidates. Our Democratic nominees were victorious because they made their case to Texans on the issues that keep them up at night.

“Texans were loud and clear, they want quality healthcare, strong schools, and an economy that works for everyone. Texas Democrats were about a fair shot for all, that’s our message and that’s what we intend to get done next legislative session.

“Texas Democrats have shattered all expectations. Texas Democrats just gained the most state house seats in a lifetime. This is not over until every vote is counted. Our fight to take back the Texas House by 2020 starts tomorrow.”