December 10, 2019/Media, Press

Texas Democrats Fill Candidate in Every Congressional District

Austin, TX — The Texas Democratic Party is proud to announce we are challenging every congressional district.

After Texodus and Texas Democrats outraising Texas Republicans in 5 out of 6 DCCC targeted districts, Texas Democrats are the focal point of the House Democratic offensive strategy and poised to win congressional seats across the map.

U.S. House by the numbers:
Seats contested of 36      # of Candidates
36 (100%)                                87

*Note: These numbers are preliminary. Parties have up to 5 days to update the Secretary of State on candidates that filed by the deadline.

This is only the second time Texas Democrats have challenged every single seat in modern history. 

The last time? In 2018, Texas Democrats won two seats in Congress, put many more in play, and closed the statewide gap to just 2.6%.

Texas Democratic Party Executive Director Manny Garcia issued the following statement:

“Texas congressional races have been named ‘ground zero’ for the 2020 elections by national figures on both sides of the aisle. Thanks to the mass Texodus seen by Texas Republicans, new investment, and the hard work of the Texas Democratic Party and the DCCC, Texas Democrats are in a terrific spot to flip congressional seats in 2020.

“2018 proved that when we run everywhere, we win. Texas Democrats have a candidate contesting every single congressional seat. We will build the strongest statewide coordinated campaign this state has ever seen.”