December 10, 2019/Blog, Media

Texas Democrats Celebrate the Bold Leaders Who Have Filed to Run for Federal, State, and County Offices

Monday, December 9 marked the end of the candidate filing period in Texas. With Democratic candidates running for office on the Federal, State, and County levels, Texas Democrats are poised to turn Texas blue up and down the ballot. Texas is the biggest battleground state in the country, and the pool of strong leaders who have stepped up to represent their communities is a testament to the growth and progress of the Texas Democratic movement. 

Many bold Democratic leaders have filed to run against U.S. Senator John Cornyn. Chris Bell, Michael Cooper, Amanda K. Edwards, Jack Daniel Foster Jr., Annie “Mama” Garcia, Victor Hugo Harris, Mary “MJ” Hegar, Sema Hernandez, D.R. Hunter, Adrian Ocegueda, Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez, and Royce West have all stepped up to ensure that Texans are represented by a U.S. Senator that will fight for them and their success. 

The corrupt, disgraceful actions of Cornyn have not been swept under the proverbial rug by Texans, which explains his abysmal approval ratings–not a single one above 37% since March. Cornyn’s relationship to the gun lobby has reprehensibly shaped his tenure in the Senate, prompting him to baselessly oppose key pieces of legislation, such as the Violence Against Women Act. The Democratic candidates who have filed to challenge him are setting into motion a new era in Texas politics. They have proudly chosen to run for the betterment of their communities, to ensure a fair shot for all, and for the sake of the Texans who have suffered under Cornyn’s lack of leadership. 

We couldn’t be more proud of the hundreds of Democrats who have stepped up to run in the upcoming election to represent every corner of Texas.

Gilberto Hinojosa, Texas Democratic Party Chair

In the U.S. House, Texans have filed to run in every congressional district. This is only the second time in Texas history that Democrats have filed to run in every one of the 36 U.S. House districts. The first time was in 2018, when Texas Democrats flipped 9 U.S. House seats, further weakening Republicans and augmenting Democratic influence in Texas. The nearly 100 Democrats who have filed to run for the U.S. House are poised to unseat the incumbent Republicans who have placed their ties to special interests and President Donald Trump over the safety and prosperity of the Texans they were elected to serve. 

The Texas Democratic Party is spearheading a host of initiatives that will secure a Democratic victory next November. After Texodus, and since Texas Democrats are outraising Texas Republicans in 5 out of 6 DCCC targeted districts, Texas Democrats are the focal point of the House Democratic offensive strategy and poised to win congressional seats across the map. 

State House Districts with larger turnout in 2018 vs. 2016, calculated by State House votes

In the Texas legislature, Democratic candidates are committed to bringing progressive, positive change to our state. The diverse, forward-thinking leaders who have filed to run are ensuring Democrats are that much closer to breaking the supermajority in the Texas Senate and flipping the Texas House. 

Texas Democrats are only 9 seats away from flipping the Texas House, and we have targeted 22 seats that were within 10 points in 2018. Texas Democrats have the numbers and we have the candidates, which is why Republicans have fought tirelessly to suppress voting access and gerrymander our districts with the intention of silencing the growing Democratic majority. In 2020, Democratic influence will not be minimized by Republican corruption, instead, we will succeed despite the hurdles that Republicans have erected to stall our upward trajectory. 

The strength and growth of the Democratic movement will undoubtedly be undermined by Republicans, but that’s simply because they’re terrified. They’re scared of the changing demographics that have relocated more Democrats and likely Democratic voters to Texas. They’re worried about the growing disdain among the American electorate and Texas voters for Donald Trump. And most importantly, they’re terrified of the Texas Democratic Party. 

Texas Democrats are engaging in an array of initiatives to protect and expand the vote, increase turnout across the state, and build a coordinated campaign as big as Texas. The ill-deserved support Republicans have managed to hold on to over the last few decades is waning, and Democrats will be there on November 4, 2020, to pick up the pieces. After the majority of Texans cast a ballot for the Democratic presidential candidate, the Democratic nominee challenging John Cornyn, and the hundreds of Democratic candidates across the state—Texas Democrats will be there to bring positive leadership to our state which has fallen victim time and time again to Republican’s corrupt and ineffective governance. 

*Note: These numbers are preliminary. Parties have up to 5 days to update the Secretary of State on candidates that filed by the deadline.

To access updated candidate filing information, please refer to the Texas Secretary of State’s website.