January 16, 2018/Media, Press

Texas Democrats Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Today we celebrate not only Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s life but the expectations he set for America. Dr. King dreamed of a society that respects the rights and affirms the dignity of all people, regardless of color or creed, gender or ethnicity.

“The march towards justice is nowhere near over. Sadly, elected officials, like Greg Abbott, love an excuse to ride in a parade and pay lip service to Dr. King’s legacy as they actively stand in the way of the human, civil and voting rights of Texans.

“While we’ve made great strides, Dr. King’s dream of a fair and equitable America is not fully realized. Now more than ever, we must stand up for what we know to be right and speak the uncomfortable truths to build on the progress Dr. King and so many champions of justice started.”