December 12, 2017/Media, Press

Texas Democrats Break Records on Candidate Filing Deadline!

Austin, TX — The energy in the Texas Democratic Party is off the charts! Texas Democrats are fielding more candidates than at any other time in modern history.

*Note: These numbers are preliminary. Candidates have the ability to withdraw by tomorrow and parties have a few days to update the Secretary of State on candidates that have filed by the deadline.

Congress by the numbers:

Seats Contested of 36

# of Candidates

36 (100%)



Texas House by the numbers:

Seats Contested of 150

# of Candidates

133 (89%)



Texas Senate by the numbers (comparable to 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2014 when 15 seats are up):

Seats Contested of 15

# of Candidates

14 (88%)


Texas Democratic Party Candidate Recruitment Director Cliff Walker issued the following statement:

“Folks from all walks of life sense there’s a sea change coming, and that now is the time to fight to save Texas. They aren’t just riding the wave, they’re building it.

“Texas Democrats are already making history in 2018. We set a new record for the number of candidates recruited for Congress, Texas House, and Texas Senate in modern history.

“The Republican establishments in Austin and Washington D.C. are a threat to our families and the progressive movement is fighting back.”

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