December 4, 2019/Blog, Media

Texas Democrats 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

You know what they say: ‘Tis the season to be a Democrat! Politics won’t be taking a break this holiday, which is why showing up to your celebration with a handful of literal statement pieces will surely make you the most generous Democrat at your family gathering. Not to mention they’re almost as good looking as our party will be on November 4, 2020. 

Want your gifts to arrive by December 24? Make sure you place your order by December 10! 

1. “Save Texas, Save the Country, Save the World” Tee

Texas! Is! The! Biggest! Battleground! State! You heard it here first. Perhaps you didn’t, but it doesn’t make it any less true. When Democrats take Texas in 2020, we will stop a Republican president from ever reaching the White House again. Inspire mom to change the course of history this season with a “Save Texas, Save the Country, Save the World,” tee and she’ll without a doubt make people ~think~ every time she wears it on the streets. 

2. Two “What Would Ann Do” Vinyl Stickers

Thanks to the Texas Democratic Party, you can gift your grandma a pair of “What Would Ann Do?” stickers. You could also give a set to your kid cousin, and teach him about the GOAT along the way. A photo of the queen herself on a motorcycle, the black and white Ann Richards sticker brings us back to an inspiring moment in Texas politics. This holiday season, remind your family that not all Texas governors are negligent and ineffective! Here’s looking at you Greg. 

3. Texas Democrats Lawn Sign

Lawn signs are one of the few traditional methods of political campaigning that haven’t been crushed by the internet. That said, decorate the yards of your politically active friends and family with a “we’re Texas Democrats y’all” sign. You know Trumpers can’t help but brand all of their belongings with their president’s merch, so why not allow your family to do the same? Present your dad with a lawn sign so he can stick it to the paranoid neighbor who lives across the street from your childhood home. 

5. Texas Is the Future of the Democratic Party button

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — Texas is the future of the Democratic Party. The gains Democrats have made in Texas over the last few years cannot be ignored, and without Texas, Trump can’t win in 2020. We would repeatedly scream this out from the rooftop of the Texas Capitol if it wasn’t illegal. Instead, we’re relying on you and your gift recipients to remind the world that Texas is in play, and we’re going to flip the state come November 2020.

6. Register to Vote Mug 

Maybe you needed Lin Manuel Miranda to tell you this, or perhaps Chris Paul whispered it to you through a Twitter video, but it’s worth repeating: Voting is super important! Enough of this “my vote doesn’t matter” nonsense. We have the power as Americans to shape our own political future, which is why you should encourage literally everyone you know to register to vote. Register to vote, tell your friends, tell your family, put it on a mug, buy the mug, give the mug to all the people in the world, buy the mug again, and most importantly: VOTE. End scene. 

7. Give the Gift of Trainings

Learning! The Texas Democratic party is training the movement, and we have free digital resources available to the public. Aunt Brenda won’t know that you didn’t pay for her gift, just send her to the link and tell her you wanted her to be able to access some super informative, helpful tools that will teach her all about how to turn Texas blue. Perhaps Brenda is a schoolteacher, she likes to learn, or you simply don’t know what else to get her. Whatever the case is, we’re training the movement and we want you and yours to be involved.

8. “Texas Democrat Born and Raised” Cap

For many of us Democrats who were raised in the Lone Star State, we’ve been awaiting the blue wave for a long long time. The waiting period is over and now it’s time to fight as hard as we possibly can. Remind your friends and family of this inspiring history by giving out one, or five, “Texas Democrat Born and Raised” caps this holiday. We are Dems, we like caps! 

9. Texas Democrats Star Logo tote

As Texans, we’re super lucky that the outline of our state is arguably the most recognizable. Imagine if we were from a state that looked like a potato, or worse, a square. Thankfully, we don’t have to. It’s more than likely that even if your relative isn’t always a faithful Democrat, they love that their roots run in the Lone Star State. With a Texas Democrats Star Logo tote, your friends and family can proudly represent their home, wherever they may live. 

10. LBJ “Ours to Win or Lose” Black Tee

Even if you’re not a history buff, you probably know that the state of Texas has been celebrating native-Texan Lyndon B. Johnson’s legacy since the 36th president left office. Johnson’s tenure was marked by the signing of two monumental pieces of legislation — the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Clean Air Act of 1963. Also, for those of you who are too young to understand what political norms are, he stuck to them! Give the gift of Texas greatness this holiday by giving a family member one of the pieces of LBJ that still live on to this day — his wisdom. 

“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.”

Lyndon B. Johnson