April 11, 2019/Media

Texas Democratic Party on CSHB 2

Democrats are Fighting on Behalf of Everyday Texans and Their First Responders, Cities, and Counties

Austin, TX Today, ahead of the debate on CSHB 2, the Texas Democratic Party announced its firm opposition against the proposal, as written, due to the threat to Texans’ public safety, opportunity, and quality of life.

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Imagine a Texas where someone you care about is in danger and there is nobody to answer your 911 call. Imagine a Texas where potholes remain unfixed. Imagine a Texas where our community centers, parks, and libraries cannot afford to stay open. That is the future we are staring directly at if CSHB 2 becomes law.

“Texas Democrats know the best way to lower property taxes is to increase the state’s share of public education costs and increase the homestead exemption. Arbitrary revenue caps and increased sales taxes on things Texans buy every day will not solve our growing state’s challenges.

“The Texas Democratic Party strongly encourages all members of the House to work together, overhaul HB2, respect the growing needs of Texas, and fight for the municipal and county employees who keep our communities running. We cannot support slashing critical services, like our police officers, firefighters, and emergency management services.”