June 12, 2019/Media

SHOT/CHASER/DOUBLE/FLOORED: Lying Donald Strikes Again: Texas is the Biggest Battleground State

SHOT: Trump Campaign Says that Texas isn’t Competitive, “Texas is ‘not a swing state’ in the 2020 election, the communications director for President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign says.” [Dallas Morning News, May 10, 2019]

CHASER: Three Separate Polls Shows Democrats Leading or Tied with Donald Trump in Texas

Quinnipiac University Texas Poll June 5, 2019

Emerson Poll, April 29, 2019

Quinnipiac Poll, February 28, 2019

Trump 47, Biden 46

Trump 47, O’Rourke 46

Trump 47, Sanders 45

Trump 46, Castro 41

Trump 48, Harris 41

Trump 48, Warren 41

DOUBLE:  “Wealthy Republican donors are preparing a multimillion-dollar effort to register more than 1 million new GOP voters in Texas for 2020 amid anxiety that President Trump could be in more trouble in this reliably red state than some in the party realize.” [Washington Examiner, June 12, 2019]

FLOORED: Trump campaign spends 200K in digital ads in Texas since March. The largest amount spent in any state in the country.