March 19, 2020/Media

Share Your Story: How Has the Coronavirus Affected You?

Although the coronavirus outbreak is testing our sense of community, Texans are banding together during these times of uncertainty. We will get through this together because this moment calls on us all to take care of ourselves and our community.

The Texas Democratic Party is here to support you. Our mission has always been guided by the core principle of caring for our families, our neighbors, and our country. This movement we have built together is not going anywhere. It’s crucial that we’re listening to one another right now, which is why we’re eager to hear your story. 

We want to know how the pandemic has affected you, your family, your friends, your neighbors, or anyone that is close to your heart. By sharing your story, we can hold the administration and our state legislators accountable for their inadequate responses to the coronavirus threat. 

Whether you’re in self-quarantine or have to go to work to keep food on the table, we know that COVID-19 has impacted you and the community around you. Highlighting the stories of our communities will bring us that much closer together, and right now solidarity is key.